Pay it Forward Pat

The Clinton County Homeless Shelter is blessed in so many ways. We are so grateful we are in a community that supports our efforts along with caring individuals who make donations or volunteer their time at the Shelter. The following is a short video highlighting the efforts of one of our current volunteers named Pat who once was a resident at the shelter. We have given Pat the nickname of "Pay It Forward Pat" because it shows the inspirational commitment Pat has for the Clinton County Homeless Shelter as he continues to volunteer years after he received help from the Shelter.

Success Stories

The following is a letter wrote by one of the Shelter's residence that was shared at Cardboard City in 2013 of how the Shelter helped her and her children. "My three children and I have been in the Shelter since August 12th. We came here because I could no longer afford our apartment. I could not allow myself to get any further behind than I already was. I had applied at Wilmington Green Apartments, and was moving up the list so I had housing to look forward to, it was just a matter of being patient. The Shelter gave me the opportunity to pull life back together for us. We are about to be moving any day now and I have a part-time job to look forward to soon. I thank God for the safe haven of the Shelter and all of the good people who work there. It's a very positive experience for anyone who is motivated to pull their life back together with the tools they provide there."

Success Stories

A single mother and her daughter entered the Shelter on November 25, 2013. The young mother had no other housing or financial options available to her at the time and entering the Shelter was her only option. She became employed at a local fast food restaurant at the first of the year. The Shelter staff assisted her in securing affordable housing. With the help of the Homeless Crisis Response Program, she qualified to receive her deposit, four months of rent paid in full. She was able to get assistance through Community Action and Job and Family Services for childcare that allowed her to move into her own home the weekend of January 10, 2014. After three months, she had increased the number of hours at her job and her budget showed that is now over the income limit and will now be able to support herself and daughter without any other support.