Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for the Clinton County Homeless Shelter is guided by a dedicated group of volunteers committed to our mission. It is made up of nine individuals from the community that meets once a month and also holds an annual meeting in January of each calendar year. Three of the board members are nominated by the Wilmington Area Ministerial Association, three are nominated by the Probate/Juvenile Court Judge of Clinton County and three are nominated by the Board of Directors with the intent to assure county wide representation. All board members serve for a term of three years with a maximum of three consecutive full three-year terms, after which time the board member cannot be elected again until at least one year has passed. The 2015 Board of Director members are as follows:

  • Sharon Benning (President)
  • Nancy McCormick (Vice President)
  • Dan Mayo (Secretary)
  • Tim Davis (Assistant Secretary)
  • Billie Baker (Treasurer)
  • Jeanne Smith (Assistant Treasurer)
  • Timi Callender
  • Tim Davis
  • Molly Dullea
  • Todd Reed

  • 2014-06-08 14:58:57